The Veterans Tribute will be built in three Phases. We will accomplish Phase I of the project in 2017 by clearing & grading the donated parcel of land, laying out the access road and parking lot on the Tribute site. In 2018, we expect to complete Phase II of the project which includes paving the access road, constructing the Tribute and holding a dedication ceremony. Phase III of the project is to raise an endowment fund to provide funds for maintenance of the Tribute in perpetuity.


VTOT has established a fund within the Community Foundation of Greater Rochester to capture and manage donations.  No money will actually pass through VTOT.  All donations from this website will be processed through Paypal and deposited directly to the Foundation account in the name of VTOT.  Please visit the Foundation website for more details about this community organization.

This is an approximate location of the Tribute site.  It is south of the intersection of Silverbell and Adams Roads and just south, and on the same side of Adams Road, as Oakland Church.